One Book Colorado FAQs

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Q: I’m a preschool teacher/principal and want to get copies of this year’s book to give to students in my preschool. How can I get copies?

A: The program gives copies of the selected book each spring to 4-year-olds through Colorado public and military libraries and Denver Preschool Program classrooms. For preschools other than Denver Preschool Program classrooms, you may contact your local public library to see if your preschool can partner with the library in some way through this program. You can find all of the giveaway locations on the Pickup Locations page.

Q: My nonprofit organization would like to give copies of the One Book Colorado book away in our community. How can we get copies?

A: Please contact the public libraries in your community to see if your organization can partner with them in some way through this program. You can find all of the giveaway locations on the Pickup Locations page.

Q: I love this program. How do I support it for the future?

A: One Book Colorado is funded by individuals and organizations throughout Colorado. As an individual, you can donate by clicking on the “Donate to One Book Colorado” button at the top right of this page. If your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us.

Q: How does the One Book Colorado title get selected each year?

A: Each book considered must be:

  • an exceptional book for 4-year-olds
  • available in English and Spanish
  • published by a publisher that has the ability to create and ship 75,000 paperback copies of the title for the program with a custom imprint

After creating a list of titles that meet the criteria each year, librarians and early childhood educators in Colorado vote to narrow the list to three finalists; then, Colorado residents are able to vote on their favorite of the three, which helps select the book that will be given away.

Q: I am an author or represent a publisher. How can I get my book considered for selection?

A: The book finalists must meet the above criteria to be considered. If your book meets all of the criteria, post the title and author of the book to this website during the summer for consideration.

Q: How is One Book Colorado funded?

A: The program is public-private partnership. Please visit the Partners page to see the program’s many generous donors.

Q: I am trying to organize my own book giveaway, can your program offer books?

A: We are unable to provide books to other organizations and only give away books during a two week period in the spring via public libraries and Denver Preschool Program preschool classrooms.